Meet Henk 

By Lars Brouwer Marketing & Social Media

On August first, 1999, Henk joined our company at our Cost Estimation and Sales department. Coming from the construction industry, Henk already had some experience with what is involved in manufacturing interiors. After working for our company at our Cost Estimation and Sales department for 7 years, he was ready for a new challenge. Henk gained a new role as Manager Production, where he now oversees and maintains the production flow. Next to that Henk is a true bridge-builder. He likes to bring people together and motivates employees as it is important for the workforce productivity. A day on the job is never the same, where you must be flexible and open for changes in this fast-developing market.

When asked to tell something special about his experiences here at Struik & Hamerslag Henk said: “I remember back at Cost Estimation and Sales, there was a new challenging inquiry coming in to co-build a new wooden tram station for The Hague. That was a very special project which resulted in a lot of good work-relations as the project was a great success and as of this day is still in use.”

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