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By Manager Engineering Jasper Feijtel

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Here at Struik & Hamerslag, we work continuously to improve our workflow.

Being one of the largest autonomous interior builders in Europe, we work hard to always be the best partner for turnkeyinterior projects. Over the past month, we have been working to streamline our engineering department and have made various changes in the process, procedures, standardisation and automation. 

In addition, we are examining sustainable improvements to enable us to inspire our clients by choosing an environmentally friendly interior.

Our goal in implementing these developments is to accommodate our clients even more effectively and to improve efficiency. The following steps have been made over the past few months: 

Engineering Team Leader:

For our engineering department, we acquired a new team leader. To assist the project engineer, an engineering team leader has been appointed who will assist in determining and monitoring the planning, budget and capacity requirements of our engineering department. In addition, the team leader will seek coordination with the other departments in the event thatissues arise and will examine improvements to raise efficiency. Moreover, the team leader will ensure that all existing procedures are followed and will support the overall coordination of the work.

Combining work preparation:

In early August, the entire work preparation department was combined to form a single department. Previously, our work preparation engineers were part of our project teams and were scattered throughout the engineering department.

The goals we hope to accomplish as a result of this development are:

  1. Achieving standardisation and uniform working methods more quickly by having the entire department in the same room.
  2. Having two workplaces available in the room for the CNC department to enable fast and more efficient technical coordination between CNC and the work preparation department.

Planning process:

To manage our projects even more effectively, over the past few months we have implemented various software upgrades and we have hired an additional experienced planner who will assist and advise our project managers regarding planning issues.

By taking these steps, we are able to act more effectively in case of changes and to inform our clients more clearly on the progress.

Sustainable improvements:

Because sustainability is an important topic, we had a study carried out within our organisation from February throughJune 2021 to examine how we can further increase our sustainability and make our interiors more sustainable. We expect the results of this study by the end of this year and will keep you updated on the future steps we envisage to achieve a sustainable future in yachting. 

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