Innovations at S&H

By Project Manager Sjef Laenen

Onyx Marble

At Struik & Hamerslag, innovation is one of the pillars on which we base our beautiful interiors. The art of innovation is what gives Struik & Hamerslag its unique talent for craftsmanship.
For one of our recent projects, we developed a new way to use onyx marble in our furniture – onyx specially and carefully selected by our designer. The complexity of the design makes it very challenging to shape the onyx as is intended by the designer. Onyx has a very brittle structure, made up of layers of translucent minerals.
Like wood-veneer books, the stone is split open to create an even overlay in structure and grain overflow. This process is very time-consuming. Sorting and selecting an even book match in slabs is an art unto itself.
To realise this challenging design, we had to exceed our boundaries. The initial design was not technically feasible and, following discussions with OT and our designer, a redesign was made for the main salon bar. The shapes that we will now be using have never attempted before.
The round shapes were changed to sharp and straight details and, together with our Italian partner, construction details were developed.
In the end, we are able to create even more one-of-a-kind furniture with the innovations that we achieve together with our highly valued subcontractors at Struik & Hamerslag.

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