Meet Ernst Jan

By Lars Brouwer Marketing & Social Media

Meet the Maker

Originally, Ernst Jan joined the company as a freelancer in our veneer department, then worked as a cabinet maker and before starting work onboard various superyachts. In 2011 he joined our team as a 3D artist where he started setting the fundamentals for our engineering. Ernst Jan is very passionate about the future of 3D drawing, and therefore he continuously works to improve his skills in Top Solid Wood and Rhinoceros. When asked what makes working at Struik & Hamerslag so special, Ernst Jan said: ‘EVERYTHING, but most importantly you’re given time here to improve your skills, along with carrying out your work.’

In addition to working at Struik & Hamerslag, Ernst Jan is very passionate about his hobby: painting by brush. He’s able to create the sharpest details and likes to show his work to the outside world. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle: he and his wife now own three Harleys and enjoy touring them around in summer.

Struik & Hamerslag Ernst Jan
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