Welcome to our first newsletter of the year. In this issue, we shed light on the latest developments in our company. We are pleased to announce the new strategic direction for S&H. Furthermore, we introduce one of our dedicated specialists and talk about our specialisation for house interiors. Enjoy your reading!

A word from our directors

Anner Eggink & Eric de Meij

It has been a bit quiet since our last newsletter in 2021. That’s because the company has been undergoing a change of ownership, followed by a new direction for our organisation to ensure we maintain our position as frontrunner in the luxury interior industry. 

We are happy to announce that since 23 November 2021, SECONDWIND/CAPITAL has acquired all the shares of Struik & Hamerslag. Together we will work towards ensuring a further prosperous future for the company. On the same day, Anner Eggink was appointed to strengthen the management. In close cooperation with SECONDWIND/CAPITAL and the current management, Anner will guide the organisation to the next phase of professionalisation and subsequent growth. 

During 2021, we delivered 6 yachting projects. We started the year with the delivery of 2 non-disclosed projects. We subsequently delivered the interior for the beautiful Feadship Vanish. Her stylish interior was designed by Harrison Eidsgaard, and the yacht was delivered to great delight of her owner.

In May 2021, we delivered crew accommodation for the Feadship Somnium. Her interior was produced based on a 3D engineering package which was quite an innovation for us. This was our first project to be entirely engineered in 3D. This gave us new insights into possibilities to further improve the efficiencies of our processes.

The long awaited Feadship VIVA was released just before the Monaco Yacht show in which VIVA was the star of the show. With her giant glass construction feature in the hull and her outstanding detailed interior, designed by Peter Marino, she shines brightly.

After delivering the attractive projects described above, we went full steam ahead to finish the interior for M.Y. PHI, Royal Huisman hull number 403. Being the largest yacht below 500GT, PHI is a special project for the Dutch Yachting industry. Her interior design principle came from Cor de Rover and was further elaborated by the UK-based design studio Lawson Robb. The interior features numerous details and special finishes, custom developed for this project. 

Besides the above projects, we delivered a beautiful interior for a major residential project in the centre of London.

Our company faced challenges in delivering all these projects on time, on budget and according to client specifications. We therefore decided to make some major adjustments to our organisation to tighten control over our projects in the future.

In a dedicated article below, Anner Eggink will be further introduced, and he will elaborate a bit more on the new strategic direction for Struik & Hamerslag.

We will keep you posted on coming developments. Enjoy reading this first newsletter of 2022.

Michael Leach - Micahel Leach Design Ltd.

“MLD has an excellent relationship with Struik & Hamerslag. This relationship started on the build of M.Y. Solemar back in 2003. Since then, they have continued to provide an outstanding level of service in all elements of the interior outfitting process, whether it be yacht or residential projects. Their attention to detail, knowledge and experience is unprecedented and MLD looks forward to working alongside them for many years to come.”

Meet our dedicated specialist: Henk in't Veld

By Lars Brouwer, Marketing & Social Media

On 1 August 1999, Henk joined our company in our Cost Estimation and Sales department. Coming from the construction industry, Henk already had some experience with what is involved in manufacturing interiors. After 7 years, he was ready for a new challenge. Henk was given his new role as Manager Production, in which capacity he now oversees and maintains the production flow. Furthermore, Henk is a true bridge-builder. He likes bringing people together and motivating employees, promoting dedication to quality and productivity. A day on the job is never the same: you must be flexible and open to changes in this fast-developing market.

When asked to say something special about his experiences here at Struik & Hamerslag, Henk said: “I remember back at Cost Estimation and Sales, there was a new challenging enquiry coming in to co-build a new wooden tram station for The Hague. It was a very special project which resulted in a lot of good work relations, and the project was a great success. It’s a pleasure to see it is still in use.”

Yacht interiors for houses

By Joost van Hattum, Cost Estimation and Sales

House interiors with the same quality as yacht interiors
Struik & Hamerslag has an excellent reputation for their custom-made high-end yacht interiors. We have been involved in yachting since 1974 when Royal van Lent asked us to participate in the new build of M.Y. Al Riyad, the largest yachting project in the Netherlands at that time. Since that first yachting project, we have shifted our focus away from interiors for homes and the offshore industry towards yachting.

Today, our primary focus is on the yachting industry, but we still have a smaller branch that specialises in interiors for luxury homes and residential projects. Because this is a relatively unknown part of Struik & Hamerslag, we would like to highlight these works in this article.

Our uniqueness lies in our uncompromising striving for perfection, so we do not take on any ordinary project on land. With our skills and craftsmanship, we only take the top of the high-end land projects which are on the market. The best situation is a happy yacht owner who wants a land-based interior with our yacht building quality.

The main difference between land-based projects and yachting is that the integration of all the technical equipment required on yachts is not necessary in houses. No hydraulics or complicated cabling systems to keep the yacht on the move. Consequently, the tolerances in houses are not as critical as in the yachting industry. 

Why house interiors for yacht owners, and how is S&H distinctive?
Working with Struik & Hamerslag is a journey to achieve your ultimate interior to perfection. When clients step on board with us, we take them on a journey of interior building. During the entire process, our clients are inspired by what can be done with the materials they have selected for their projects. Showing the clients the effects that can be achieved with book matching of veneers or marbles gives them maximum insight into what their project will look like. Taking them on this journey helps them understand the product and how we can add value to the interior with the precious materials we use. 

Our clients choose Struik & Hamerslag interiors in their homes because they are absolutely amazed by the building process and the outstanding results on their yachts. This helps our clients to similarly enjoy the experience of yachting in their other properties.

A luxury interior can be created by many other companies but making the building process an incredibly enjoyable experience with an outstanding result is reserved for the selected few.

New strategic direction for Struik & Hamerslag

By our CEO Anner Eggink

Following last year’s change of control at Struik & Hamerslag, in February 2022 a new strategic course was set out to secure a prosperous future in the fast-changing super yacht building environment.

To achieve a continued success in this challenging market, a fully project-driven organisation has been implemented. Our information systems have also been adapted to enable us to tighten our control over the three key variables of success with our interior projects: ‘On time, within budget, at the right quality’.

Furthermore, we are increasingly convinced that a large part of our future success lies in enhanced and close cooperation with our co-makers.

Today’s end customers are setting an ever-developing trend in optimally combining all yacht building parties’ resources of capabilities to achieve the best result. For the recently started large projects, Struik & Hamerslag is therefore focusing on enforcing the right co-making attitude and structure. Only in close cooperation with the yards and with our suppliers and service providers can we achieve delivering the highest quality, e.g. world-class interiors, on time and within budget.

The design and production of a luxurious yacht involves many smaller and larger elements. All of which are essential. Our beautiful interiors are also an important part of this long chain of production. To ensure a timely delivery of these unique, magnificent yachts, co-makers need continuous, clear project status information, open communication, and cooperation with mutual respect. We and all our co-makers are in this together.

With the new owners and the strategic direction now clearly set, Struik & Hamerslag is ready to happily take on this challenge. Strict project management throughout the chain of supply and production of yachts is the only way forward.

In terms of interiors, Struik & Hamerslag is determined to maintain its leading role in superyacht interior industry.

In the coming period, we will keep you updated on the strategic developments of S&H.

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