S&H Refits

By Joost van Hattum Cost-estimation and Sales

Refits at any location, in all conditions

Refitting yacht interiors is one of the specialties of S&H, utilising the extensive experience we have gained over projects in the past.
Even the best yacht interiors require occasional upgrades and maintenance and there are various reasons for a refit during a yacht’s life span. Sometimes only small repairs are needed, due to normal wear and tear. More extensive measures might be required if the owner wants to freshen up the interior or if new equipment needs to be installed.
Engineering and pre-fabrication for refits are carried out in the same expert way in our offices and workshop in Holland. Services such as maintenance, touch-up work, and refitting can be performed anywhere in the world. We have teams of experienced specialists who can carry out the finest refit at any location and in all conditions. 

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