Phi Update

By Joost van Hattum, Cost Estimation and Sales

A Journey

Last month, Royal Huisman launched M/Y PHI and, we have to say, she looks phenomenal.

The initial setup for PHI started years ago, in close collaboration with its owner, Cor. D. Rover, who devised the concept for the exterior and interior layout, and Lawson Robb, who developed the concept for the interior design. The most important point that emerges is that the design of the interior must equal the beauty of the outside: Sectio Divina.

Special Design

PHI's hull was specially designed to make her the largest yacht under 500GT with a length of 58.5 metres. London-based studio Lawson Robb and Van Oossanen Naval Architects have made the impossible possible by coordinating the necessary materials and drawing designs into one coherent concept.

According to Cor. D. Rover’s design philosophy, PHI was not developed like a yacht. PHI tells a story – a deep-rooted knowledge that can be seen throughout the yacht. The main themes of the story are the Milky Way, the ocean surface and the underwater world.


We are proud to share some inside details about this magnificent project starting with the owner’s deck. To understand how the universe works, it starts with the study of basic building blocks: Matter, Energy, space, and time. These form the foundation of our existence. The ever-evolving Cosmos is what makes the owners deck unique. We would like to keep you guessing by showing only the slightest details of her interior, as you can always see something new in every detail. The Owner’s Sky Lounge will allude to pre-creation, the molecular cloud, an area of serenity and reflection. 

According to Cor D. Rover who made PHI’s general design philosophy: “The more we see PHI come alive, the more I am convinced that only a sailboat builder has the know-how and ambition to execute miracles on a square inch, and Royal Huisman is the epitome of this watchmakers’ skill.” 


At Struik & Hamerslag, we have been able to combine our traditional working methods with modern production techniques to achieve PHI’s interior. We have been challenged to bend wood into unique 3D shapes and, with various special finishes produced in-house, her interior will be absolutely exceptional.

With PHI now revealed to the outside world, we would like to reveal something from the inside world of PHI. We would like to present you with a first look at some very detailed nightstands. These nightstands, with their specially veneered inlay, have been produced by our craftsman with true dedication and passion. The veneer has been laser cut to create the perfect edges and shapes

Special Visitor

The special finished panel was produced in close collaboration with George Wolstenholme, Creative Lead at Lawson Robb. The panel will be a unique and eye-catching specially finished panel that will be mounted on a shower wall.

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