Phi Update

By Joost van Hattum, Cost Estimation and Sales

A story to tell

Every part of PHI has a special story to tell, starting from the Main Deck you can see the progression from our planet knowing only nature, to the extreme technologically developed environment as we know it today. Apart from her aesthetic story, PHI sets new standards in the yachting industry being a technically highly advanced vessel. 

Once in a lifetime

At Struik & Hamerslag we come across various unique projects, where PHI is an outstanding and prestigious, once in a lifetime project. Over the past year we have been in close collaboration with Royal Huisman and Lawson Robb on developing Cor D. Rover’s design philosophy which is her owner’s dream. As of this moment we are busy with the production and installation of the out of this world interior for project PHI. 

Her interior is like never seen before and pushes us to go to the absolute limit, featuring multiple special finishes per item and forcing us to learn new techniques, PHI will change the world of yachting forever. 

We would like to say that the main theme is: “The natural progression of our world”, where we can see parts of our galaxy, that we know, all the way to the creations of mankind. 


We are proud to share some inside details about this magnificent project starting with the owner’s deck. To understand how the universe works, it starts with the study of basic building blocks: Matter, Energy, space, and time. These form the foundation of our existence. The ever-evolving Cosmos is what makes the owners deck unique. We would like to keep you guessing by showing only the slightest details of her interior, as you can always see something new in every detail. The Owner’s Sky Lounge will allude to pre-creation, the molecular cloud, an area of serenity and reflection. 

According to Cor D. Rover who made PHI’s general design philosophy: “The more we see PHI come alive, the more I am convinced that only a sailboat builder has the know-how and ambition to execute miracles on a square inch, and Royal Huisman is the epitome of this watchmakers’ skill.” 


The name PHI was proposed by Cor D.Rover & his team. PHI is the Greek letter used to describe the golden ratio in nature, art and architecture, magnetic flux in physics, the Fibonacci sequence in mathematics, flight dynamics, probability theory and even the stock market. In other words, it is at the heart of just about everything in the world as we know it.
Lawson Robb knew the meaning of PHI “Golden Ratio” but it was for the design team to interpret this to create the brief and eventually the feel and design of the project. Focusing on one example of PHI as a theme seemed to do the concept a disservice. Having been briefed by a bold and excited client; it was key that the design we created was transitional, that it’s story unfolded at each turn. The Owners deck explores ideas of astronomy, how myriads of colour and matter can be rationalised through science and geometry. Moving to the Main Deck we present an aft-forward transition from naturally occurring forms & textures to those created by man & technology. In the Lower Deck Guest areas, we have experimented with ways to translate ideas of tectonics in un-expected ways, pairing this with traditions of travel and un-earthing the un-expected.
Lawson Robb’s starting point was the fact that Galileo was able to contextualise the seemingly chaotic arrangement of the cosmos using precise mathematical and scientific mechanisms.
"For us this could be translated in the design world to the ideas of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man and the principle of divine proportion – the golden ratio. As a result, what we have strived to create here with all of the complex geometry, details and finishes is a scheme where instead of order, rhythm and proportion existing where there is no chaos or anarchy, they actually exist admits and as a result of these things.” – George Wolsteholme

Launch 2021

For this, we as Struik & Hamerslag are extremely proud to have been selected by the owner of PHI to showcase our ultimate craftsmanship in this extraordinary interior. 

The launch of PHI in 2021 will surely leave an impression and sets new standards for the industry for years to come. 

PHI will also feature a shadow yacht storing all her tenders, not having to wait for unloading and loading all her tenders makes it ideal to sail ahead and enjoy the story of PHI to the fullest extent. 

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