The Art of Sample Making

By Project Manager Sjef Laenen

Sample Making

Struik & Hamerslag is well-known for its bespoke furniture and the extremely fine details in her interiors. We as S&H strive to be as transparent as possible about our processes and final end-results, respecting the strict NDA’s, in order to create more awareness and involvement for the craftsmanship we put in the interiors but ultimately, to attract new clients to the yachting industry. 
We would like to share a respectively unknown part of our process, the production of samples. The production of samples will be done in close cooperation with architects and owners and is an important stage in the process to create the first reel experience with chosen materials in the interior. 

Every project is unique. Every project has its own details, finishes and materials. The interior architects are developing the interior designs in close cooperation with the owners. In order to realize an outstanding design, we have to develop the chosen materials further in detail. Together with the architects we define the exact materials, the grain of the wood and veneer, the structure of special lacquered finishes and the gloss level of the clear lacquer top coating. 
As soon as the unique choice of materials has been made, we start by sourcing materials and making the first samples. Making a sample is almost the same as making a painting. The samples we make are small sized panels where our artisans apply the veneer and finishes to create the beautiful art-like panels which reflects the owners unique design choice. During the sampling process samples are refined and fine-tuned till they are the best we can achieve, striving to perfection. 
The samples are approved by our clients to ensure that they get exactly what they want.
The complete interior is made according to the samples with the materials which have been selected and approved by Client and architect. And at the delivery of the project the samples will be equally compared to the perfect selection of materials and choice of the architects.
 Including the re-fined details which gives every S&H interior its unique sense of perfection.
A sample is more than just a small part of the interior, it is the mutual agreement between us and our client of what will be delivered in the end.

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