Reymond Langton Design

“We worked with Struik & Hamerslag on the refit of M.Y. Malibu and we found the company to be friendly, effi cient and professional at all times. The resulting pieces of furniture were made promptly and were of superb quality. It was a pleasure working with this team.
A true yacht lover has an eye for detail: it is the details which separate the ordinary from the extraordinary. Sometimes conspicuously present so they cannot be overlooked, at other times subtly incorporated within the big picture, all these details are synergized in a perfect interior. And while the focal point may be on aesthetics, safety always remains a major consideration. Struik & Hamerslag has the know-how to integrate these details and refine your yacht from the inside.”
Struik & Hamerslag’s core business is producing and finishing the most luxurious interiors, and our company’s reputation is based upon the results. However, our rich experience also leads clients to request our expertise in complete interiors. An interior is always more than the sum of its parts and it may be easier for clients to have one company take care of all aspects.
Natural stone, metalwork, upholstery, floor finishes, integration of AV systems, et cetera are embedded in almost all interiors. Struik & Hamerslag can generate the ideal balance between all these diverse elements. Much of our work is carried out in-house, and we have the right specialist partnerships for all other disciplines.

Jonny Horsfield H2 Yacht Design

“The relationship between designer and interior contractor is an extremely important one. It has to be built on a combination of respect and trust, as both parties must share a common goal. That goal is to give the clients the best possible result, whilst maintaining flawless quality and keeping to an
agreed budget. This challenge should not be underestimated, and for me it is important that I work only with contractors who share this goal.

Without doubt Struik & Hamerslag is one of these companies, giving me the support I need to realise my clients’ dreams and aspirations. Its ability
to engineer beautiful but rational solutions together with an unfailing commitment among the workforce to a 100% quality, provides our industry with a dependable and confidence inspiring resource.

We are often asked to recommend interior contractors to our clients. There are very few companies I would feel confident could live up to my clients’ expectations time and time again. Struik & Hamerslag is definitely one of them.”

Eric Dumesny Larvor Interior Designers

“During autumn & winter 2012 we had the chance to collaborate directly with Struik & Hamerslag on a partial refit of M.Y. Tatasu which we made and launched in 1994.

Being in charge of this project I knew from the beginning what result I had envisaged. But I was more than impressed by the amazing work done, as was the owner. It was a great surprise to see the end result, which was beyond my expectations.

Many thanks to all of Struik’s team as well as the captain & head stewardess and all the crew members. And especially thanks to the owner for trusting all of us.”

Struik & Hamerslag built the original interior for M.Y. Tatasu twenty years ago. Conceived by Larvor Interior Designers, this lovely yacht represented the cutting edge of contemporary design in her day, and remains a stunning classic today.

The project, executed for the original owner, involved stripping down the entire main salon and dining room completely. Eric Dumesny, the original designer, came up with an amazing new interior consisting of bronzed finished cabinets, palladium leaf applications, shagreen details, Tai Ping carpets and onyx details, which gave the interior a dazzling contemporary

Michael Leach Michael Leach Design Ltd

“MLD has an excellent relationship with Struik & Hamerslag. This relationship started on the build of M.Y. Solemar back in 2003.

Since then they have continued to provide an outstanding level of service in all elements of the interior outfitting process whether it be yacht or residential projects. Their attention to detail, knowledge and experience is unprecedented and MLD looks forward to working alongside them for many years to come.”


Established in 1964, Struik Interiors has grown into the number one specialist for high-end interiors in the superyacht industry.

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