Yacht interiors for houses

By Joost van Hattum, Cost Estimation and Sales

House interiors with the same quality as yacht interiors

Struik & Hamerslag is verry well known for their custom-made high-end yacht interiors. We are involved in yachting since 1974 when we were asked by Royal van Lent to participate to the new build of M.Y. Al Riyad the largest yachting project in the Netherlands at that time. Since this first yachting project we have shifted our focus from interiors for houses and the offshore industry more and more to yachting.

Nowadays we are focused on the yachting industry, and we have a smaller branch that specializes in interiors for luxury houses and residential projects. Because this is a relatively small and unknown part of Struik & Hamerslag we would like to highlight these works in this article.

Since our people are striving for perfection, we do not take on the ordinary project on land. With our skills and craftsmanship, we tend to only take the top of the high-end land projects which are on the market. The best situation is that an existing yacht owner wants to have a land-based interior with yacht building quality.

Our specialism for luxury interiors for houses and residential projects has a lot in common with yacht interiors. For this, we don’t have separate departments for both branches, but we do have fully dedicated project teams who will take care of both yacht interiors as well as luxury interiors for houses and residential projects.

The biggest difference between land-based projects and yachting is that the integration of a lot of technical equipment as on yachts is not necessary in houses. No hydraulics no complicated cabling systems to keep the yacht on the move must be integrated into a house. As a result, the tolerances in houses are not as critical as in the yachting industry.

Why house interiors for yacht owners and how is S&H distinctive? Working with Struik & Hamerslag is a journey upon realizing your ultimate interior to perfection. Now the Clients step on board with us we take them on a journey on interior building. During the total process our clients are inspired about the possibilities what can be done with the materials they have selected for their projects. Explanation what effects can be achieved with book matching of veneers or marbles give them maximum insight how their project will look. Taking them on the journey helps them understand the product and how we can add as much value to the interior with the precious materials we are using.

Our clients choose for an interior of Struik & Hamerslag in their houses because they are absolutely flabbergasted about the build process and the outstanding results on their yachts. This helps our clients to ultimately enjoy the experience of yachting in their other properties.

A luxury interior can be made by many other companies but making the building process an unbelievable enjoyable experience with an outstanding end result is reserved for just a few companies.

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